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Healthcare is a growing and increasingly well regulated industry that offers both significant challenge and opportunity.

Whatever your organisations role within the healthcare landscape, here at HCS we understand the limitations and opportunities of the care market and can offer a range of support, guidance and strategy as part of our consulting packages that can help you deliver positive outcomes for your client, customers, commissioners, patients and shareholders.

We are able to offer our services to most of the healthcare sector including:

  • NHS and Private Hospitals/Clinics
  • CCGs and other Commissioners
  • Single and Multi-site Nursing and Care Homes
  • Domiciliary and Homecare Providers
  • Private Care and Insurance Providers
  • Healthcare Charities, CICs and NFPs


We understand that the primary goal for our healthcare marketing clients is focused around improving outcomes and efficiencies in a way that benefits their clients, patients and customers.

While the healthcare sector has a great deal of variation and diversity of thought, the main focus for most of it is continual improvement and greater integration with the aim of delivering a more holistic level of care. We believe that properly developed marketing and communications can be key in achieving this goal.


The UK has some of the most stringent and well respected regulation in the world when it comes to healthcare. Not only does the UK have the ubiquitous NHS service which will impact the lives of almost everyone in the UK at one point or another, it also has a very healthy private healthcare sector with significant opportunity for businesses to succeed.

Keeping on top of these regulations and making the most of the available market can be tricky, when it comes to making sure your communications and marketing and compliant and in line with wider industry trends, we can help.


A major focus for the Department of Health in the UK and therefore by extension the NHS, Commissioners and the Private Sector, has been a greater exploration of the patient or customer experience. The development of organisation such as Healthwatch and other regulatory/watchdog organisations has led to patients who are more open with their feedback and more likely to expect a positive experience.

HCS are able to support you with a variety of methods to reach and capture feedback from patients, clients and customers, as well as providing viable insight from the data through careful analysis.


The NHS and the wider public health and social care sector have many strengths, but usually self promotion and external communication are not the strong points of trusts and hospitals across the country. In our experience working alongside the NHS and Public Sector we know that there is no substitutes for clear, concise campaigns and activities to not only promote the NHS and other Public Sector organisations, but to signpost and engage members of the public.


At Harris Consulting Services we have a broad set of skills, but we don’t know your business and so our approach is always to ensure that we work with you, to adapt our skills and methods to meet your needs.  We pride ourselves on being able to adapt our methods to meet your unique goals and challenges.


At Harris Consulting Services we don’t believe in management speak and all the jargon that is so popular in the industry, instead we like to talk in clear goals, plans and objectives. This way we hope that you always know what you are getting and we always know what you are hoping to receive. 


At Harris Consulting Services we are focused on supporting your brand and business, while we think it is great if you want to use additional services of ours, we are primarily consultants. So you will never receive a sales pitch from us to promote additional services that you don’t need. 


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