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Is it time for a marketing checkup? Complacency can be a major issue for businesses, especially those that handle their marketing function in house. Our multi-step Marketing MOT will take a holistic look at your business, your marketing needs and your marketing function. The audit covers every aspect of marketing from branding to compliance and data to software subscriptions.


Marketing is a complicated topic at the best of time and whether you have a new department or an established one, there are real benefits to having an extensive and impartial look at your marketing offering.

Here at HCS we have extensive experience auditing all aspects of marketing, both in terms of offer, efficiency, systems, processes and compliance. Contact us today for a fully tailored audit and review of your marketing offering.


There is no one-size-fits all to a marketing audit, some departments have services that others don’t and staff skill sets are rarely identical from department to department. We apply all of the criteria relevant for your organisation and department so you can rest assured that not only will we not miss anything, but that we also won’t waste your time auditing things that are not relevant.


At the end of your audit you will receive a detailed set of guidance highlighting key strengths and weaknesses, important areas to be remedied and addressed, efficiency and improvements suggestions and a range of additional bespoke suggestions for you to carry out. The benefit of this report is that it provides you with a tailored recommended approach to meeting the suggestions of the report itself.


When we put together your audit report we don’t just give you a long list of things you should do and leave you to it, we provide you with a realistic guide based on your organisations capacity and resources. So not only do you get told what should be fixed, but also how to fix it in a realistic timeframe.


At Harris Consulting Services we have a broad set of skills, but we don’t know your business and so our approach is always to ensure that we work with you, to adapt our skills and methods to meet your needs.  We pride ourselves on being able to adapt our methods to meet your unique goals and challenges.


At Harris Consulting Services we don’t believe in management speak and all the jargon that is so popular in the industry, instead we like to talk in clear goals, plans and objectives. This way we hope that you always know what you are getting and we always know what you are hoping to receive. 


At Harris Consulting Services we are focused on supporting your brand and business, while we think it is great if you want to use additional services of ours, we are primarily consultants. So you will never receive a sales pitch from us to promote additional services that you don’t need. 


Get in touch with us today for a no obligation chat about your marketing and business needs. 

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