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Are you hoping to market your brand the UK, or any other English-speaking territory? Most businesses who are looking to make the move will likely already either be working with a translator or have already undertaken the translation themselves.

Often the process of translation is only the first step and while it may give you an accurate and correct translation, it will often be the case that in order to make the content more engaging it needs to undergo localisation, making it more accessible to the target market.


English is commonly used as the language of business and industry across much of the world and while it is widely spoken to a fluent level by people all over the globe. While the number of people who speak English to a good level is increasing, it can be difficult to get the cultural aspects of the language correct.

In the UK alone there are over 35 regional dialects and it’s hardly fair to expect a non native, who has been taught how to speak English correctly, to be able to make heads or tails of Cockney, Scouse, Geordie or Brummy regional variations.


English is one of those languages where one word can mean many things and it has unique ability to have a word or phrase mean something offensive in one area of the country and be completely innocuous 20 miles away.

For example the words Race, Raise, and Raze can sound very similar to none-natives, but each has a separate meaning and the first two have multiple meanings within them. Should you use Accept or Except? Acute or Chronic? Affect or Effect? Assume or Presume? Contiguous, Continual or Continuous?


As a business you have hopefully developed a tone of voice that makes you stand out from your competitors. A good tone of voice is usually subtle and contains specific traits such as humour, professionalism, collaboration, simple language etc. When you translate your content it can be easy to lose your tone of voice, we can work with you to make sure that your translated work reinforces and contributes to your brand.


If you invest time, effort and money into developing content that is informative and engaging in your native language it is a shame to lose some of that impact during the translation process. In particular things like headlines and tag lines can be difficult to keep short and engaging when translated. This is why even the biggest brands have dedicated copywriters in different languages and territories. If you want to ensure your content remains engaging when translated into English, contact us today.


At Harris Consulting Services we have a broad set of skills, but we don’t know your business and so our approach is always to ensure that we work with you, to adapt our skills and methods to meet your needs.  We pride ourselves on being able to adapt our methods to meet your unique goals and challenges.


At Harris Consulting Services we don’t believe in management speak and all the jargon that is so popular in the industry, instead we like to talk in clear goals, plans and objectives. This way we hope that you always know what you are getting and we always know what you are hoping to receive. 


At Harris Consulting Services we are focused on supporting your brand and business, while we think it is great if you want to use additional services of ours, we are primarily consultants. So you will never receive a sales pitch from us to promote additional services that you don’t need. 


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